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For Physicians

CME (12 Cat. 1 Credits)
Burnout Prevention:
Compassionate Mindfulness

CME course entitled 'Burnout Prevention: Compassionate Mindfulness'.
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For Nurses

CNE (12 Credits)
Burnout Prevention:
Compassionate Mindfulness

CNE course entitled 'Burnout Prevention: Compassionate Mindfulness'.
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“AIMIcare takes you on a compassion
journey, reducing stress and burnout.
Regain your motivation and wellbeing, as this belongs to you!”

“AIMIcare takes you on a compassion journey, reducing stress and burnout. Regain your motivation and wellbeing, as this belongs to you!”

  • Accredited CME/CNE (12 credits) Courses for Burnout Prevention
  • Guidance, Insights and Meditations adapted
  • Peer-to-peer Circles for ongoing connection, sharing and support
  • Includes a Journal to track your compassion journey

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Introductory Video by AIMI Founder
& President Dr. Barry Kerzin

By Healthcare Professionals for
Healthcare Professionals

Modern medical practice sees healthcare professionals burnt out in droves. Immense pressures combined with constant exposure to human suffering on a daily basis results in burnout: emotional exhaustion, loss of meaning, and loss of purpose. We doubt ourself, becoming anxious, fearful, overwhelmed and angry. To counteract and alleviate the pressures that healthcare professionals experience, Altruism in Medicine Institute has developed AIMIcare, an app for compassion-based rejuvenation based in mindfulness. It is designed to help you move beyond empathy to compassion, thereby reducing and preventing burnout. Emotional hygiene lessons will help you transform anger into tolerance; jealousy into appreciation; and arrogance into humility, making a more balanced healthcare professional. Trust is enhanced in the doctor-patient relationship. This app will help you take better care of yourself, allowing you to flourish and love practicing medicine again.

Rejuvenation, overcoming burnout, and reconnecting with your initial motivation to become a doctor or nurse, is what you will learn and practice.


Compassion Training

The wish and action to help relieve pain and suffering vs. taking on the pain of others.
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Emotional Hygiene

Emotional Hygiene is all about cleaning up our emotions, not suppressing them.
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Facing Death

Death and dying is an integral part of life, yet it is also one of the most challenging aspects to deal with as a medical professional.
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Healthy Self-Confidence

Many of us feel weak and insecure but still try to show that we are strong through the way we walk and talk.
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Meditation can be the core of your overall rejuvenation practice.
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Mindfulness is an important practice to become aware, heal, and feel well.
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Overcoming Stress

Whether you already suffer from stress or not, this program can help you cope with the many stressors that you on a daily basis.
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Setting Intentions

Setting our intentions in line with our deepest aspirations for the day and for our life. It’s a deliberate articulation of a conscious goal.
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Wellbeing affects everything, from our own mental and physical health, all the way to our
interactions and relationships at work and home.
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